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Basic Interferometry and PC Polished Connectors


If you are new to interferometry or want better control of your fiber optic polishing  process, here is the information you want.




Eric Norland, President of Norland Products Inc. will host a webinar explaining key details to help you understand how interferometry works and why it is so useful for quality control and quality assurance of fiber optic connectors.


This webinar is designed for Technicians using interferometry, Engineers responsible for the polishing process and the quality of their connectors, and Administrators or Managers, who decide what equipment to purchase. No experience is required.


In this seminar you will learn:


      1:  The definition of interferometry.

      2:   How Interferometry works.

      3:   How fringe formation relates to height measurements.

      4:   The PC polish concept for fiber optic connectors

      5:   The importance of controlling undercut and protrusion.

      6:   Why use interferometry.

      7:   The key endface parameters for controlling polish.

      8:   The effect of radius of curvature on the allowable undercut.

      9:   The relation of ROC, fiber height, and offset of polish to the PC polish concept.

     10:  The different types on interferometric scans.

     11:  How the Connect-Chek 6000 is unique for measuring connectors.

     12:  Summary and questions.


The webinar will last for 30 minutes - including time for questions. 


Basic Interferometry and PC Polished Connectors


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