Norland UV Curing Adhesives


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Norland Optical and Electronic Adhesives are designed for fast, precision bonding and will simplify processes that require critical alignment or exact positioning.

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Norland Optical Adhesives  <Click here for info or to order.

These one part adhesives will set in seconds when exposed to ultraviolet light and can provide excellent light transmission over a wide spectral range. Our Optical Glues are designed for bonding where low strain, optical clarity or low outgassing are required in military, aerospace, fiber optics or commercial optics.


Norland Electronic Adhesives <Click here for info or to order.

These one part adhesives will set in seconds with UV light or cure with heat to form an electrically insulating bond to fasten, tack or fill. Areas not exposed to UV light can cure because of a latent heat catalyst.

Norland Adhesives Provide:

  • Fast cure
  • Long shelf-life
  • Strong bonds to glass, metal, ceramics and plastics
  • Low shrinkage -- low stress
  • Gap filling properties

Norland Specialty Adhesives:

LCD and Lense Cold Blocking Adhesives, Index Matching Liquid

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New Low and High Refractive index links listed below!




Refractive index optical adhesives down to 1.315.


NORLAND HIGH REFRACTIVE INDEX ADHESIVES<Click here         Refractive index optical adhesives up to to 1.70





UV Light Sources <Click here for info or to order.

The Norland collection of long-wave, ultraviolet light sources have been carefully selected to fit all of your bonding needs when using Norland Ultraviolet Curing Adhesive. Whether you are bonding lenses, tacking lectronic components, or curing optical splices, these lights are designed to cure the adhesive quickly and safely. Special features and designs have been added to some of these lights so that they easily work together with the Norland UVC Optical Splice.


Technical Reports <Click here for info.

Technical reports on using Norland Optical and Electronic Adhesives.