GL16 – AiO Interferometer





End Face Geometry Measurement Instrument


Using the latest technology in precision optics, high-speed cameras, programming, and touch screen display, Norland Products has developed the GL16 – AiO End Face Geometry Measurement Instrument. This instrument is designed as the ultimate tool for analyzing the end face geometry of single and multifiber connectors, and includes support for recent industry developments such as 16- and 32-fiber MT product and Geometry Limit parameter. The Norland GL16 system achieves accuracy, repeatability, reliability, and ease of use that far exceeds the requirements of the industry for this type of quality control instrument.

Everything has been fully automated in this compact system. All electronics and software for calculation and control is contained within the instrument, so an external computer system is no longer required. And with the internal Linux operating system, there is no need for constant updates or virus protection software, resulting in a much more stable and reliable system.

An Ethernet connection is provided for access to the system measurement data as well as for remote diagnosis and software updates. A USB 3.0 port allows for external mouse, keyboard, or barcode scanner use. There are no operator adjustments necessary or knowledge of interferometry needed. NIST traceable standards provide confirmed calibration of magnification and tilt stage operation, insuring accuracy of all measurements. Our patented True Angle™ connector mounts with integral aperture plate and pins allow easy insertion of the connectors into the mount and provide for highest accuracy, specifically, of surface angle results.





GL16 – AiO Interferometer

End Face Geometry Measurement Instrument


• Fully automated interferometric system for analyzing multifiber and single fiber connectors

• Non-contact closed-loop piezo Scanning White Light Interferometry (SWLI) measurement

• Compliant with Industry Specifications for measurement process and Pass/Fail determination

• Embedded computer system with Linux OS

• Browser-based application supporting local (using a front panel 7” touch screen display) and  

   remote (via Ethernet connection) operation

• High-resolution, high-speed camera for fast, accurate, and repeatable measurements

• Software-controlled tilt stage (for toggling between 0 and 8 degree angle)

• NIST traceable standards for calibration of system magnification and tilt stage

• No focusing required prior to scanning

• Analyze up to 72 fibers in one scan

• Supports 16/32 fiber MT product

• Measures MT-12 connector within 8 seconds

• Concise measurement result display, showing only which end face parameters, if any, have not passed

• Full scan information available on screen, as export to CSV file, in SQL database, or as a scan report

• 3D graphical representation of end face

• No vibration damping table required




Screen Shots from GL16 AiO


SF 12 Fiber Scan Completed with PASS.



MT 12 Scan PASS

Parameter Results



MT 72 Fiber Live View Before Scan






MT 12 Fiber Live View Before Scan






MT 72 Scan FAIL

Parameter Results








GL16 - AiO Specifications: 

Optical resolution:   2.2 microns 

Field of View:   4.2mm wide by 2.4mm high

     Scan range:  80 microns

     Instrument Dimensions (W x H x D): 10 in x 11 in x 18 in 

     Power Requirements: 120/240VAC, 50/60 Hz @ 1A

     Weight:  23 lbs

     Total Measurement Time (Single-fiber):  3 seconds typical


     Total Measurement Time (Multifiber):  8 seconds typical

     Measurement Performance:


Measured Parameter


Measurement Specifications






Radius of Curvature

3.0 to flat (mm)




Apex Offset

0 to 500 (µm)




Fiber Height

-35 to 35 (µm)




Polish Angle

0 & 8 +/-0.5 (deg)




Key Error

-90 to +90 (deg)




Fiber Height

0 to 35 (µm)




Ferrule Surface Angle (X/Y)

0 to 0.5 (deg)




Minus Coplanarity

0 to 35 (µm)



* Repeatability - product undisturbed for 50 consecutive measurements - 1 sigma values

** Reproducibility - product reinserted for 50 consecutive measurements - 1 sigma values


The Norland GL16 - AiO is a complete “all-in-one” system, fully integrated with a high speed computer and touch panel display.



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