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AIM 2020

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Using the latest technology in precision optics, high-speed cameras, image analysis, graphics programming and display, Norland Products has developed the new AIM 2020 –  Automated Interferometric Microscope. This system is designed as the ultimate tool for analyzing the end face polish of multifiber connectors. The performance of the Norland AIM system is a paradigm shift in resolution, accuracy, speed, and ease of use compared to any other system in the world today.

Because the latest IEC specifications require more detailed information on the fiber geometry than ever before, they present a challenge to today's interferometric systems.

The AIM 2020 has been designed to meet these needs and more by providing the quantity and quality

of data points for the most accurate measurement of fiber height and core dip on multifiber connectors

of any system on the  market today.  



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Norland Products has taken the knowledge gained from over 20 years of interferometric measuring experience to produce the first low cost, automated, non-contact interferometer for fiber optics .  

The Norland Connect-Chek ® CC6000 automatically and precisely measures radius of curvature, apex offset of polish, and fiber undercut or protrusion on any PC or APC single fiber connector.

The breakthrough technology used in the CC6000 is unlike any other system on the market today and now allows interferometric connector analysis to be affordable to all users.



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Fully automated, non-contact interferometric

microscope designed for measuring the

endface of fiber optic surfaces including multifiber connectors, fiber arrays, and single fiber PC/APC connectors.



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Fully automated, non-contact interferometric microscope designed for measuring the endface of fiber optic surfaces.



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Fully automated, non-contact interferometric microscope designed specifically for measuring the endface geometry of array type structures.



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Provides detailed information about the surface condition of a cleaved optical


Connector Tuner



Centroc GP

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Automated system designed to measure core eccentricity for various types of fiber optic connectors.




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The CentrocGPM is a specially designed microscope system with dedicated signal analysis software and precision motion control mechanisms. The system combines the eccentricity measurement features of our CentrocGP, together with a precision angular measurement and real-time tuning function for PM-type fiber optic connectors.





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The Centroc1000 is a specially designed auto-focus microscope with high gain imaging. The system performs concentricity measurements of a fiber optic ferrule cavity (ferrule ID) with respect to the ferrule OD using a precision automatic rotation apparatus.

Fiber Optic Tools and Other Products



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Connector Cleaners

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High Cleaning Capability

Low Cost
Grip Type
Dry Cleaning
Non-Dischargeable Body
New Cloth for each cleaning
One Reel Cleans 400 Connectors



Fiber Optics Splice

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Norland's complete fiber optic splicing system that provides a fast, easy method for making permanent, high performance connections.


Cleaving Tool

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Precision stapler-type cleaver which uses

a ceramic blade to nick the fiber optic.


Mechanical Splice Holder

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Compact, precision machine fixture that holds a splice and fibers for optimum alignment and cure.


Crimp Splice Housing

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Designed to protect the Norland Optical Splice and provide full cable strength when splicing either simplex cable or duplex zipper cable.


Datacom Splice Enclosure

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Designed for maximum protection of up to 18 fiber optic splices.


Fiber Acceptance Test Kit

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Increases the efficiency and accuracy of cable acceptance or verification testing.


Fiber Visualizer

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A unique instrument which simplifies installation and testing of fiber optic networks.


Index Matching Liquid



A low viscosity liquid monomer that can be used as an index matching media for temporary splicing.



NSK-8 Kit

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Includes everything necessary to splice

together fiber optic cable.


Flexible Splice Enclosure for Tactical Field Cable

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The Norland Flexible Splice Enclosure for Fiber Optic Tactical Field Cable is a unique and easy to assemble solution for protecting fiber optic splices and restoring full cable strength to the repaired section of a cable.

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