Flexible Fiber Optic Splice Enclosure for Tactical Field Cable

The Norland Flexible Splice Enclosure for fiber optic tactical field cable is a unique, easy-to-assemble solution for protecting fiber optic splices and restoring full cable strength to the repaired section of a cable. The enclosure is 13.25 long and 0.75 in diameter.   One of the unique features is the central enclosure that is made using a special interlocking stainless steel core surrounded by a braided stainless steel mesh to make it flexible. This allows it to be coiled onto a field deployable reel. Even though it is flexible, it is as tough as a tank with high tensile strength and compression strength. The long length provides extra room to work with the fibers and makes splicing an easy task. A skill level 5 maintainer can assemble it in less than 10 minutes (excluding splicing).

A further advantage is our patented Kevlar® gripping design inside the enclosure which gives a tensile strength of over 400 pounds for the repaired cable. No crimping or special tools are required for assembly.   

The enclosure provides complete protection to splices from shocks, vibration, and environmental conditions. The versatile neoprene cable glands on each end provide a watertight seal for the cable and allow a wide range of diameters to be used with the enclosure.

Internal size of the enclosure is ½ nominal and is designed to hold 2 standard size mechanical splices side by side. For larger fiber count cables, splices can be staggered along the 10 long central enclosure length. Four fusion splices will easily fit side by side in it. Note: Splices are purchased separately from splice enclosure.

Specifications :

P/N 20960M


Dimensions: 13.25 long X 0.75 OD; 0.50 ID

Cable Size range: 0.160 - 0.310 diameter

Pull Strength: > 400 lbs.

Compression Strength: 600 lbs/linear inch


Temperature range: -50 ° to +65 ° C


Materials of construction:

Enclosure: interlocking stainless steel tubing covered with braided stainless steel mesh

Waterproof covering: polyolefin

End Caps Nickel Plated Brass

Cable Gland Bushing - Neoprene

Features and Benefits


Suitable for majority of Splice types Fusion or Mechanical

Handles 1 to 4 splices

Allows for a Range of Cable Diameters, in/out

Flexible: Minimal impact on reel

Light Weight, Small Diameter

Compression: 600 pounds/linear inch

Tensile Strength: > 400 pounds


Easy to Use No special tools

Lower Cost


Ordering information:


P/N 20960M    Flexible Splice Enclosure Individual assemblies


Kevlar is a registered trademark of E.I. DuPont


[ Click Here To Download Product Data Sheet and Assembly Procedure ]


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