Fiber Acceptance Test Kit

  The Norland Fiber Acceptance Test Kit increases the efficiency and accuracy of cable acceptance or verification    

  testing. The kit, P/N 23005 contains a one meter length pigtail, splice holder, 10 splices, and an abundant supply of

  index matching liquid.

  The unique design of the splice accommodates either 125um or 140um fiber and any size buffer up to 900um. The

  precision made splice holder firmly holds the pigtail in position without causing stress on the fiber. The low viscosity

  index matching liquid has an indefinite shelf life and allows for an easy glide of the bare fiber into the splice.

  Within seconds, a fiber acceptance reading can be made with an OTDR or test set. Low loss with minimum back

  reflection can easily be achieved for more accurate signatures.

  Other applications for this kit: splice training aids, bare fiber adapters, and temporary splicing.

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