Datacom Splice Enclosure

  The Norland Datacom Splice Enclosure P/N21300 is designed for the maximum protection of up to 6 fiber optic

  splices. For larger fiber cable, the Norland Datacom Splice Enclosure P/N 21310 is equipped to hold up to 18

  splices. These compact, durable splice enclosures are ideal for dropping fibers, repairing broken cables or

  extending cable links. The aluminum die cast construction and liquid tight seal protect the splices against weather

  and environmental conditions. These enclosures can be buried in the ground, mounted on the wall or affixed for

  aerial applications.

  The Norland Datacom Splice Enclosure increases productivity because the enclosure and the splice organizers are

  combined to form one small, lightweight assembly. No splice tray is used in this design. Instead, splice organizers

  are mounted directly inside the enclosure to hold the completed splices. By looping the fibers around the inside of

  the Datacom and fastening the splices to the organizers, ample bend reliefradii is supplied for all multimode fibers.


Materials of construction
Lid Die cast aluminum with baked enamel finish
Enclosure Die cast aluminum with baked enamel finish
Connectors Nylon with neoprene gland
Working Temperature Range -30° - 70°C
P/N 21300 (for up to 6 splices)
Dimensions for enclosure 3.5" x 2.5" x 1.75"
Weight 8 oz.
Cable Diameter Range .187" - .312"
P/N 21310 (for up to 18 splices)
Dimensions for enclosure 8.75" x 4.75" x 3.25"
Weight 47 oz.
Cable Diameter Range .236" - .512"

Assembly Procedures

  A. Before making splice

  1. Loosen outer screws to remove the coverplate from the base and set it aside.

  2. Loosen both compression nuts from either side of the enclosure and insert fiber cables.

  3. P/N 21300 (for up to 6 splices) - Strip away 11 to 12 inches of insulation from both cables. P/N 21310 (for up to 18 splices) - Strip away 28

      to 30 inches of insulation from both cables.

  4. After the insulation has been removed,pull the cables back so that the end of the insulation is flush with the mouth of the connector. When

      the cables are in position, tighten compression nuts to hold in place.

  5. Clamp the cable strength members underneath the copper screws.

  6. Trip off excess cable strength members.

  B. Assemble splices according to procedure.


  C. After splice is completed.

  1. Take the completed splice and loop the fibers inside the enclosure. Keep fibers down by tucking them underneath the splice organizers in    

      P/N 21300 or in wire saddles in P/N 21310.

  2. Clip the splice onto the organizer.

  3. Install coverplate and tighten screws into place.

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