Crimp Splice Housing

  The crimp splice housing is designed to protect the Norland Optical Splice and provide full cable strength when splicing either simplex   cable or duplex zipper cable. Cable strength is achieved by crimping the Kevlar strength member fibers between a metal collet and the   central housing. Shrink tubing is added to the ends to provide additional strain relief and a weather tight seal.

   This device requires a hexagonal crimp tool for 1/4" stock such as a Daniels HX4 with Y205 die. Final crimp diameter is 0.213". It also   requires a heat gun with temperatures to 125°C.


Assembly Procedure

  A. Before making splice.

  1. Insert one shrink tube and one collet on each cable section. Slide these pieces up out of the way. Slide central housing onto one of the cable


  2. Strip 2 inches of outer cable jacket from each cable. Fold Kevlar fibers back out of the way of the buffered fiber.

  3. Strip buffer coating off each optical fiber and cleave to give approximately 1/2" of bare fiber extending from buffer.

  4. Remove additional outer cable jacket to give a total of 1 3/4" of optical fiber extending from jacket.

  5. Complete splice following splice assembly procedure.

 B. After splice is completed.

  1. Start with the collet which is on opposite side from central housing. Slide it down to the end of the cable. Split Kevlar into two equal       bundles. Push collet 1/4" forward over Kevlar and slip Kevlar to the back of the slots on collet. Pull Kevlar snug so that cable end is flush       with the back of the slots. Fold Kevlar back and hold on collet.

  2. Still holding collet and Kevlar, slide central housing down onto collet and Kevlar. Push cable and collet further into housing until Kevlar       from opposite cable appears at opposite end.

  3. Pull kevlar out. Split into two equal bundles. Slide second collet forward until it is about 1/4" forward over Kevlar. Slip Kevlar into back of       slots on collet. Pull snug and fold back and hold on collet.

  4. Slide central housing back down over second collet. Do not tug on cable. If fit is tight, gently push collet into housing while pulling on cable       at other side. Adjust both collets so they are equidistant from ends of housing.

  5. Crimp central housing to collets. Leave 1/16" lip on end of housing. Trim excess kevlar off.

  6. Slide shrink tubing over crimp area. Shrink down using low heat (125°C) until adhesive inner wall melts and bonds to cable. Be careful not       to melt cable insulation.

Part Number Description
20910 Crimp Splice Housing

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