CL-310-VL Fiber Cleaving Tool

  The Norland Fiber Cleaver is a precision stapler-type cleaver which uses a ceramic blade to nick the optical fiber.

  The fiber is then bent causing it to break cleanly giving a square cut to the fiber end.

  The Norland Fiber Cleaver is a sturdy unit for use in both laboratory and field service work. This cleaver allows

  for variable cleave lengths from 2 to 20 millimeters. The ceramic blade gives hundreds of good cleaves and is   replaceable if necessary.

 Type Measurement (mm) Weight (gram) Cutting Length (mm)
CL-310-VL 40 x 30 x 110 70 Variable


Part Number Description
21311 CL-310-VL Fiber Cleaver


Step 1.

Place stripped fiber into groove with buffer lined up with the marking for the desired length


Step 2.

Clamp bare fiber into position.

Step 3.

Compress the tip of the cleaving tool until blade contacts fiber. Release top of cleaving tool.

Step 4.

Bend leaf spring back until fiber breaks. If fiber does not break, repeat Step 3.


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