Norland CentrocGPM

Eccentricity/Concentricity Measurement and Tuning of Fiber Optic connectors

Combined with Angular Measurement and Tuning of PM-type Connectors



  The Norland CentrocGPM Measures:

  Eccentricity or Concentricity of Fiber Core w.r.t. Ferrule Outside Diameter
  Ferrule Cylindricity Assessment

  Angular Tuning of Fiber Optic Connectors for Minimum Insertion Loss

  Angular Measurements of Stress Applying Parts (SAP) in PM Fiber Connectors

  Angular Tuning of SAP Orientation w.r.t. Key Position for Slow, Fast or Customized Alignments

  Supports Panda, Bow Tie or Other types of PM Fibers


  The CentrocGPM is a specially designed microscope system with dedicated signal analysis  

  software and precision motion control mechanisms. The system combines the eccentricity

  measurement features of our CentrocGP, together with a precision angular measurement and real-

  time tuning function for PM-type fiber optic connectors. For each mode of operation, application

  specific chucks and tuning fixtures are supplied. The system can be quickly switched between

  different modes of operation on site by the operator.

  The system is PC controlled and equipped with universal active devices (LEDs @ 475nm and

  630 nm).  Optical signals with superior signal-to-noise ratios are generated via Norland proprietary

  optical apparatus. Digital data gathered at each mode of operation are processed by novel signal

  classification and feature extraction algorithms.

  In the eccentricity mode, the system performs measurements of fiber optic core eccentricity with  

  respect to the ferrule outside diameter of the connectors, and provides the means for angular tuning

  of PC-type (post PC polishing) and APC-type (pre-APC polishing) connectors. Measurement and

  tuning capabilities of the system encompass the most popular types of single mode and multimode

  fiber on the market today. The standard instrument is supplied with interchangeable precision

  chucks of 2.50mm and 1.25mm ferrules . Repeatability of measurements is less than 0.05µm for

  eccentricity magnitude, and less than 5° for eccentricity angle.

  In the PM measurements and tuning mode, the system accurately assesses the orientation of the

  SAP's with respect to the key position of the PM patchcord. While the operator is continuously tuning

  the fiber within the patchcord, automated measurements are accomplished and displayed in real

  time. The system can be readily configured for slow, fast or any other specific angular alignments.

  Measurable fiber types include Panda, Bow Tie or other customized PM classes.

  Accuracy of measurements and tuning can be made within +/-0.1°.

Norland CentrocGPM





12 VDC Powered though the PC


Temperature Range

10°- 45° C Operating, 5°- 55° C storage


Dimensions, weight

260 x 150 x 345 mm (w x h x d), 7.5 kg


Optical Power LED

Maximum 25 dBm (475 and 630 nm)


Camera Sensitivity

400 1100 nm Wavelength


Fiber/Connector Types

SM, MM graded index and MM step index types. PC type (post PC polishing) and APC type (pre-APC polishing) connectors


Repeatability of Eccentricity Amplitude (Standard Deviation)

Less than 0.05 µm for Eccentricities 0~10 µm


Repeatability of Eccentricity Angle (Standard Deviation)

Less than 5° for Eccentricities greater than 0.2µm; Not Applicable for Eccentricities less than 0.2 µm



Pentium Dual Core or AMD Athlon, 2 GHz, 1.0 GB RAM, 160 GB HD.



Windows XP pro or 2000 Pro.


Standards reference

IEC 61300-3-18 annex A, IEC 61300-3-24, IEC 61300-3-26, IEC 61300-2-41, ISO 2538





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