Norland Centroc1000

Concentricity Measurement and Tuning

for Fiber Optic Bare Ferrule Inspection and QC.


  Ferrule Manufacturers --- Quality Control

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Used for:

 Connector Manufacturers --- Incoming Inspection

 Ferrule Endface Visual Examination

 Concentricity or Eccentricity Measurements of Ferrule Cavity

  with respect to Ferrule Outside Diameter

 Ferrule Cylindricity Assessment

 Tuning of Ferrules at Orientations of Concentricity

 Tuned Ferrule Concentricity for Fabrication of Connectors with Minimized Insertion Loss

  The Centroc1000 is a specially designed auto-focus microscope with high gain imaging. The system  

  performs concentricity measurements of a fiber optic ferrule cavity (ferrule ID) with respect to the

  ferrule OD using a precision automatic rotation apparatus. It can be used as an essential tool for

  quality control and ferrule grade classification by ferrule manufacturers and for ferrule incoming

  quality control inspections by connector manufacturers. When operating in the tuning mode, the

  system also orients a ferrule with its angle of concentricity at the 12 O'clock position, enabling the 

  fabrication of high precision connectors at very low insertion losses.

  The PC controlled instrument is equipped with interchangeable mounts for common ferrule types of

  2.50mm and1.25mm outside diameters. Optional size mounts for 2.0 mm and 1.6 mm ferrules are 

  available. Tested ferrules can be utilized for production of high quality SM and MM fiber optical

  connectors, for example, SC, FC, LC, MU, as well as other types. The system collects a series of

  focused imaging scans from the front illuminated ferrule end face. The ferrule is automatically rotated

  over 360 degrees during the measurements. Digital images are processed by our proprietary

  machine vision algorithms. The high gain image requires a smooth ferrule without any coarse

  scratches to make measurements accurate to ±0.02 microns.

  The Centroc1000 Measures the Following:

  • Amplitude of Ferrule Concentricity as Defined from Center of Ferrule Cavity to Center of Ferrule
  • Outside Diameter
  • Angle of Ferrule Concentricity
  • Tuning of Angle of Ferrule Concentricity to 12:00 O'clock Position
  • Cylindricity Assessment of Ferrule Outside Diameter 

  Data Included in Test Results:

  • Product Identification, Operator and Unit Identification
  • Ferrule Quality Classification
  • Statistics of  the Measurement Results

Norland Centroc1000





12 VDC Powered though the PC


Temperature Range

10°- 45° C Operating, 5°- 55° C storage.


Dimensions, weight

260 x 150 x 345 mm (w x h x d), 7.5 kg.


Optical Illumination

Blue LED @ 475 nm.


Camera Sensitivity

400 1100 nm Wavelength


Ferrule Types

All 1.25mm and 2.50mm Bare Ferrule Types, PC or UPC Polished.


Repeatability of Concentricity Amplitude (Standard Deviation)

Less than 0.02 µm for Concentricity Range 0~20 µm


Repeatability of Concentricity Angle (Standard Deviation)

Less than 5° for Concentricity greater than 0.3µm; Not Applicable for Concentricity less than 0.3 µm



Pentium Dual Core or AMD Athlon, 2 GHz, 1.0 GB RAM, 160 GB HD.



Windows XP pro or 2000 Pro.


Standards reference

IEC 61300-3-18 annex A, IEC 61300-3-24, IEC 61300-3-26, IEC 61300-2-41, ISO 2538





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