NEW 3D Image for Norland CC6000

Norland Products has added a new feature to the Norland Connect-Chek 6000. After the interferometric measurement of the fiber optic connector end face, it will automatically generate a 3D image showing the measured radius of curvature, offset and fiber height. This feature allows customers to get immediate visual feedback on the endface geometry of their connector. The 3 D image will help them better understand their quality control and quality assurance issues and get the most from their high performance fiber optic connectors. NORLAND Connect-Chek 6000.                        



  Norland Products has taken the knowledge gained from over 20 years of interferometric measuring experience to

  produce the first low cost, automated, non-contact interferometer for fiber optics.   The Norland Connect-Chek ®

  CC6000 automatically and precisely measures radius of curvature, apex offset of polish, and fiber undercut or

  protrusion on any PC or APC single fiber connector. The breakthrough technology used in the CC6000 is unlike any

  other system on the market today and now allows interferometric connector analysis to be affordable to all users.


  This compact interferometer attaches to a PC or laptop through a standard USB port and uses the exclusive

  CC6000 software to control the interferometer and measure the connectors. No custom boards, or complicated

  configurations are required. Simply install the software, plug in the CC6000 and run. Our user-friendly software

  allows anyone with minimal experience to accurately measure the 3D end face geometry of a fiber optic connector.

  The CC6000 is designed for both the factory or the field to provide the crucial quality information needed to assure

  the long-term performance of your fiber optic connectors.


  The Norland Connect-Chek ® CC6000 is the next generation of interferometric technology for fiber optic testing. 

  This new system uses proprietary software that enables it to evaluate the key parameters without the need for

  costly phase-shifting devices.  The CC6000 uses our unique Tilted Phase Analysis ( TPA ) in which the connector is

  held at a slight tilted angle to produce circular fringes across the fiber.   This provides all the information needed to

  measure the connector.  After a simple calibration to measure the tilt,  the advanced algorithms enable our CC6000

  to calculate the spherical radius of curvature, spherical fiber height, and apex offset for the connector .  An added

  advantage of TPA is that any small angle is suitable, so no mechanical adjustments are ever required .  




            EASY TO USE Interface




  The CC6000's user interface is ultra simple with every option visible under intuitive Menu Tabs. Just a click of the  

  mouse calls up the Measure, Setup, Calibration, or History Window. Everything is preset to allow pass/fail

  measurements of PC and APC connectors using IEC, Telcordia, or your own custom standards. Precision mounts

  are available for all types of connectors and ferrules. Data can be saved to any directory on a network and imported

  to any database or spreadsheet.  


  The CC 6000 is extremely robust and designed for accurate measurements in production, laboratory or field  

  environments.   Precision offset measurements are guaranteed due to our patented locking v-groove mount which

  holds the connector in an exact, repeatable position during calibration and measurement. The system has been

  optimized to provide unsurpassed stability so that a single offset calibration will last for weeks.   Mounts are

  available for 2.5 mm., 2 mm., 1.25 mm., and 0.0625 diameter connector ferrules. In addition to measuring

  connectors, it can also measure radius of curvature and apex offset of pre-radiused bare ferrules.   There is nothing

  else like the Norland Connect-Chek ® CC6000 Accurate, affordable, and easy to use.

Preliminary Specifications

                                                 Size                                    8.8 wide X 13.9 deep X 5.9 high   

                                                 Power                                12 volt adapter                  

                                                 Magnification                   10X objective

                                                 Field of View                     355 microns x 406 microns

                                                 Light Source                     LED (660 nm)

                                                 Lateral resolution            1 micron             


Measured parameters




Radius of Curvature

3 mm 50 mm



Apex Offset

0-100 microns

  4 microns

  2 micron

Fiber Height

+/-160 nm

 10 nm

  5 nm

Computer requirements

Pentium IV 1.5 Ghz . computer with Windows 7 or Windows XP

USB 1.1 or higher

128 MB RAM

Connect-Chek ® is a registered trademark of Norland Products Inc.

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